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Hi, and thanks for checking out my site. Here’s a little bit about me:
• I live in Houston, Texas but have fully adapted and embraced working remotely.
• I am organized, detail-oriented and have strong problem-solving skills.
• I have over 20 years of experience in design.

My approach centers around a strong understanding of user-centered design theory and practice, and I have sincere enthusiasm for iterative design processes. I have worked in many different industries, delivering in ever-changing situations. One thing I have learned , and stand by, is that the best designs are driven by group collaboration. When everyone on the team brings their collected knowledge and experiences to the table, not only is the product intuitive and attractive, but it presents the best usability for the end user.

Featured Work

UX Research

Worked with five other super-talented designers on a multi-faceted research project to create personas for customers in large organizations.

UX Design

Conducted an audit of a proprietary design platform to highlight best practices, competitor features, and general improvements.

UX Architecture

Collaborated with engineers and visual designers to improve the REAL ID application process for the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles.

I am passionate about other stuff too...

Visual Design

I started my career in publishing many moons ago. I still enjoy bringing that attention to detail to digital products and interfaces today.

Project Management

I have done this in small and large capacity my whole career. Something about bringing order out of chaos gives me joy.

Product Management

The most recent of interests, I enjoy learning more about aligning business goals to better the experience of users/customers.

Branding & Identity

I have been working with corporate identities for years, and love to work within a brand’s guidelines. I’ve also designed a logo or two…

Check out my Behance profile for some of the print, web and branding work!
This is a selection of companies and brands I have worked with over the years.

For even more check out my LinkedIn profile!

thank you Unsplash (and J. Goodman) for the pic!


no recent pics, since I have transitioned to remote work.

I have conducted many different kinds of workshops and facilitated many different kinds of sessions. It is something that I very much enjoy, whether it is in-person or virtually. 🙂